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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rainie Yang

Rainie is one of my most favorite girl taiwanese idols. She can sing and act. Her dramas are really spectacular. She is most famous for her role in Drama Beside You, she is also in a drama called Miss. No Good which ended a few months ago, and she was in a drama called Why Why Love. She is now starring in a drama called ToGetHer with Jiro Wang from Fahrenheit.

Her ex-boyfriend was Xiao Gui which she had to break up with because of her contract.

From DramaWiki...

Name: 楊丞琳
English Name: Rainie Yang
Extra Info: At 15 she auditioned for a group called 4 in Love and got in. She changed her name to Rainie to fit in with the weather named girls in the group.

Ai Mei from Devil Beside You. Starring Mike He.

Another song I love by her is called Tai Fan Nao (Too Troubled) but no one will let me embed it :( so if you want to listen, just go to YouTube and copy and paste it in!! Lots of them already english subbed it!!

Wdebo :)

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