Thursday, December 10, 2009

Random Entertainment Clips (15)

Hehe...just one clip today...sorry for the (very) late upload...

Xiao Zhu and Xiao Gui's intense english skills (English translations on bottom)

All real english in CAPS

Xiao Gui: OK, I'll ask do you say "ma (Means horse)" in english?
Xiao Zhu (Show):Ma? MY...MY GIRLFRIEND (Show is making a joke about how ma sounds like "ma zi" which is a crude way of saying like "my girl" or "girlfriend")
XG: No! *Both burst out laughing*
XZ: It's "ma" ah!
XG: Ma? Not "Ma Zi"
XZ: Ma?
XG: Ma.
XG: MOUNTAIN means mountain eh!
XZ: Who knows how to ssay "ma"? When you're really having a coversation, you won't say "ma"
XG: But some vocab you still need to know, some animals...
XZ: I'm telling you, once before I went with my mom and dad, I went to Hawaii. We were ordering food to eat, and I didn't know what to do, so I was ordering, and didn't know how to say "Han Bao (Hamburger in english)"...Han Bao I know how to say...HAMBURGER...But I wanted a chicken burger!
XG: Chicken burger?
XZ: So I went I *Then immitation of "chicken burger" lol* So, they went "OH! CHICKEN HAMBURGER!"
XG: You said it too fast, say it again?
XZ: Yep!
XG: So you just add a chicken?
XG: What about fish? I want a fish burger.
XG: You have to say it completely.
XG: Oh, ok, well if I don't want any meat, I just want the burger.
XZ: Eh?
XG: No meat.
XZ: HEY! HEY, HEY! NO, NO, NO! *handmotions* *XG laughs* This is really hard!
XG: So we meet the most present obstacle, money, ask you how much money.
XZ: That's easy, they all have a calculator up there.
XG: Oh, they can see.
XZ: Then you just give the money and pay.
XG: Ih that's ok
XZ: Eh
XG: Well what other questions are there? I've never been to New York.
XZ: You're never left the country.
XG: Go out of the country?
XZ: You've been to Australia, those all have english sections.
XG: I just wanted to ask you, you can tell me.
XZ: I telll you, I can safely go and come *And says an idiom I don't know*
XG: What you just said made no sense.
XZ: But you buy back a lot of stuff. I even got fat.
XG: Yes you did gain some.
XZ: Now I have to go on a diet *XG passes board to him* I keep having to read. Do I look fat? *Looks at screen*
XG: No.
XZ: There is a little
XG: But you have a lot of performances.


Wdebo :)

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