Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Ok, I can't believe it has taken me so long to find Sodagreen, but I am so happy that I did. This is officially one of my favorite bands...Qing Feng's voice is just so unique but very light and soothing, love it and the whole band is just adorable....they have the cutest personality every, especially Qing Feng!

A little Wiki info first....
Chinese Band Name: 蘇打綠
English Name: Sodagreen
Band Members:
Qing Feng (Voacalist/Songwriter)
Jiang Kai Liou (Electrical Guitar)
Jing-Yang Ho (Ah Fu) (acoustic guitar)
Yu-Chi Gong (Zephyr) (keyboard, viola, dance)
Shin-Yi Shie (Claire) (bass)
Jyun-Wei Shih (Wei) (drums, percussion, songwriting)

When I first listened to Sodagreen (First song was 小情歌 [Little Love Song]) I was taken aback by Qing Feng high voice, but after a bit I got used to it and was just in love with it. This whole band is very amazing and just way talented...Qing Feng's lyrics are simple yet hold a very deep meaning to them and are just well...awesomeness.

So, some songs....

First song is one of my favs...Incomparable Beauty, I am just in love with the first couple of lines, Qing Feng's voice is amazing. English Subbed!

Not subbed by me, subbed by view3045~

Also this song called Behind You, English subbed!

Also subbed by same person~

But my fav song is Little Love Song...which I can't embedd but you can find the english subbed version HERE, this is like one of my fav songs in the whole entire world!!

And for those that understand Chinese, here are clips of Qing Feng just being adorable....

Well, hope you guys enjoy and support the awesome Sodagreen!

Wdebo :)


  1. you should also check out
    "shi wo de hai" (is my ocean)


    the live version is even more amazing! qing feng is just too cute!!


  2. Agreed. Sodagreen is just amazing, especially Qing Feng...he is just so talented :)

    Thanks for sending me the clips!

  3. It's actually not "Carrying You" for 背著你, but rather "Behind You". (:

  4. Oh my, thank you for telling me :)


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