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Monday, April 13, 2009

Corner With Love

So, I haven't done a Tdrama review in FOREVER! So here it is...Corner With Love!

Corner With Love follows the story of Qing Lang (Xiao Zhu) and Xin Lei (Barbie Xu).

Qing Lang is an aspiring artist and a really good guy who likes to help people and because of this want to help others, he gets himself tricked from Taiwan to Shanghai with no money and no place to stay, so he decides to work at a Taiwanese Xiao Chi (Literally little eats, they're like snacks-totally delish) restaurant in Shanghai. He learned to make Ou A Jian (Oyster pancakes-totally delish also) from his grandmother, who has a stall in Taiwan. He works there to make money to go back to Taiwan.

Xin Lei is a rich, spoiled brat, who's father is a big bussiness man in Shanghai. She is on the highest point of her life. She is the fiance to a super sweet and cute guy who she is in LOVE with. She meets his family and because she has such a big head she says she will make oyster pancakes for her fiance's fam's gathering. But the problem is SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO COOK! She goes to the first Taiwanese snack restaurant she sees (Qing Lang's-oh didn't see that coming huh?) and they both go into shock mode because earlier in the week her car had run into Qing Lang's bike and stuff happens and they both hate each other.

They cook together (plus a lot of hair sniffing action and guy-crossing-dressing-into-a-maid-outfit-thing going on. Let me tell you buff Show + skimpy maid outfit + thick, hairy legs = hillarious) and they think they won't see each other again. But then *dun dun dun TDrama twist* they DO!! OMG surprised! They get drunk together become friends blah blah blah then they fall in love <3

I totally loved this show it was sweet, funny, cute and it made me laugh and cry. Show is just adorable in it (One of the main reasons I watched it) except he looks way dark. Weird how on YLBFB he's so white and on his dramas and mvs he's so black, is a chamelion?!!

I love the beginning where they describe all the "male" and "female" leads. "Likes to smile like an idiot" haha cracks me up all the time! Also the part where he falls off the bike lol!!

OMG also Xiao Gui is in it and can you say cute?!!

I totally think everyone should watch it, one of my favs!!!!!!!!

Grade: A

Wdebo :)

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