Monday, April 27, 2009

OMG My first author interview!!

So, who better to be in the spotlight then Linda Joy Singleton? Linda has written numerous books including my fav (Dead Girl series) and The Seer series.

So, I was so excited to have this oppurtunity to interview, here we go!!

Can you describe a typical day?

I get up around 6AM, go to my computer and check email and blogs for a while, then get serious and work on my latest book. Around 11AM, I quit for the day and usually go to Curves to exercise. Come home and have lunch. Then usually I go back to my computer for email, blogging or any other writing I have to do (sometimes answer fan mail or interviews like this). In the evening I watch reality shows and read great YA novels.

[Haha that's cool, so you have a very busy day huh? :D ]

How did you come up with the idea for Dead Girl Dancing?

I thought my readers, many in high school, would enjoy finding out what it would be like to be a college girl going on spring break. I wanted to have a good girl that's gone wild, too, so my heroine would have to do things out of her comfort zone. I also wanted to put in more danger and romance from Dark Lifers, plus the stuff about singing competitions since I love reality TV.

[Aw I loved the romance part!! ]

Are any of your characters based off of any people you know?

My characters are based on 20% reality and 80% imagination. I start off with a few ideas for a character and just let them gradually grow from the situation I put them in. I don't like anyone to be all bad or all good, so try to show deeper motivations (like Mauve's secret heart ache).

[Oh that's cool]

I hear you also have another series called "The Seer" can you tell me what it's about?

THE SEER is my most popular series and I'm currently writing the 6th (final) book called MAGICIAN'S MUSE. It's about a 16 year old psychic who is trying to fit in at school by staying in the background and making popular friends, but when she gets visions warning of danger, she risks everything to try to save other people. These are all mystery plots with paranormal aspects, so there's usually a crime to be solved and also a growing romance between Sabine and Dominic. The first book, DON'T DIE DRAGONFLY, has been rereleased recently into a large edition and includes a bonus short story about Dominic's life, showing how he came to speak to animals and escape a brutal uncle.

[Oh wow that sounds interesting, I should totally check it out!]

What's your favorite color?

PINK!! I'm very girly with my taste, liking shiny jewelry and pink clothes.

[Pink rocks, but I think I'm more of a blue girl :D]

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring five things what would it be?

Pen, journal, 2 thick fantasy novels like Harry Potter and a cat.

[Haha I would bring all of them and my dog <3>

Who are some authors you look up to?

Current authors are Margaret Peterson Haddix, Eva Ibbotson, J.K. Rowling, Tamara Pierce, Charles DeLint, Meg Cabot, Suzanne Colline, Jeanne DePrau and many more. I love reading MG/YA books!

[I look up to them too! Especially Meg Cabot, J.K. Rowling and Tamara Pierece!]

Can you tell us a little about Dead Girl In Love (the newest Dead Girl book which is coming out soon...and I so want to read!) ?

I just finished the final edits on DEAD GIRL IN LOVE and I'm very happy with this book. I think readers may like it the best. It's more romantic with two guys (one is dead) lusting after Amber and also has a mystery to solve about Amber's best friend Alyce. There's dating, too, as Amber tries to find the right guy for her best friend. And the book ends where the series began, with an ending that complete this trilogy and (I think) will satisfy readers. I posted a short scene here:

[AHH! I'm so excited!!]

Thanks so much Linda, it was so nice talking to you!!

Wdebo :)


  1. Great interview! It's always nice to know the brains behind the books.

  2. Great interview! I am sort of jealous of her typical day! Sounds amazing, eh?

  3. Good job with your first interview! Nice questions-thinking up questions is the hard part. Looks like you nailed it!


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