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BB: Guest Post + Contest: Alex Cavanaugh

Next up is the author of CassaStar [My review HERE], Alex Cavanaugh! Enjoy!


Challenges of Writing a Sequel

Some writers envision detailed worlds and further adventures for their characters. They plan for more books. Not everyone has that vision, though. I certainly didn’t!

When I wrote CassaStar, it was intended to be a standalone book. I’d carried the idea around for years and even wrote a rough draft when I was younger. I’d envisioned many adventures for Byron and Bassa, but when I wrote CassaStar (spoiler!) I killed off one of the characters. That rather nixed further stories.

I panicked when people began asking about a sequel, even before CassaStar’s release. What the heck was I going to write?

One question continued to come up from fans - why weren’t there any women in the book? I decided to give the fans what they wanted and introduced a female lead into the story. Drawing upon an earlier idea, I created a whole new storyline, one that I hoped would satisfy my readers. That definitely taught me to continue fueling new ideas.

I also continued with the theme from the first book - friendship and trust. After countless rewrites of the outline, I used NaNo last year to complete the first draft of the sequel. I revised the story, ran it by my critique partners and test readers, and submitted it to my publisher in June.

And I am happy to say the sequel will be released next February 28 as CassaFire!

Of course, now everyone expects a trilogy! Back to the drawing board…

Thanks again, WDEBO, for allowing me to be part of your anniversary celebration!


Now for CONTEST!

Enter to win an ebook copy of Alex's book CassaStar. (Just fill out the form below!)

Wdebo :)


  1. So looking forward to CassaFire's release! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved CassaStar! I'm looking forward CassaFire. Sequels are challenging. I'm working on two right now. You never know how much to repeat. LOL

  3. I enjoyed CassaStar and am looking forward to CassaFire! What do you have planned for book 3? :)

  4. I won't enter the contest as I already own CassaStar - good luck to everyone else! :)

    Writing a sequel when you haven't planned one is tough!

  5. A trilogy?!?! More moody Byron three times over? Cap'n Alex you truly are spoiling us! Yay!! And more women!! Hoorah!!! Women rock. Especially women in space. But Byron is mine - so back off sister! Ahem. Take care

  6. Sequels were no problem for me, I just had to know when to stop.

  7. Alex, thanks for the advice! And congrats on the upcoming sequel! My current WIP will have a sequel (most likely), so this is helpful. Thanks for hosting Alex here! :)

  8. i am all in great news and review...


  9. Thanks, Jeffrey!

    Ciara, I didn't want backstory dump. Hopefully I avoided it in the sequel.

    Elizabeth, almost nothing! Crap.

    Jemi, it was.

    Karen, good luck.

  10. I like the fact that you added a female character. It'll be interesting to see the difference between both books. Good luck onthe next one. :)

  11. Great advice and thank you for sharing. Looking forward to reading Cassafire, and even more so for a third installment! :)

  12. Hi Alex, congrats on your release day for your sequel. I entered the contest.

    And it must have been hard to kill off one of your main characters. I've tried... can't do it. I just shoot them and put them in the hospital.

  13. It's awesome you're so receptive to your fans' requests---and that your ideas kept coming...and keep coming for that trilogy!

  14. Laila, and that female character was a challenge...

    Thanks, Amy!

    Doralynn, it was hard, because I really liked him.

    Nicki, if it wasn't for my fans, I wouldn't know what to write!

  15. I look forward to reading Cassafire, Alex.

    I'm trying to come up with sequel ideas while working on two WIPs right now. It's not always easy.

  16. That is so awesome. I want to be like Alex.

  17. Awesome! Love ya Alex! Keep up the good work, man and trust me, the third book will be the easiest. XD

  18. yeah for alex!
    hey, why AREN'T there any females?
    and i cant even fathom a sequel! one thing at a time!

  19. Mary, it's not!

    PTM, you are your own superhero my friend.

    Mel, I'm holding you to that!

    Tara, CassaFire will reveal why, I promise.

    Thanks again, WDEBO!

  20. Darn that Alex. I admit he's converted me from a "I'll never read sci-fi" person to one who's soaking it up (at least, soaking up his writing).

  21. like i said elsewhere, not happy how they drew 'cassastar' on the cover; review is good, tho

  22. Congrats Alex! I'm reading your first book now; my son was hoarding He is now writing his own Scifi book. When CassaFire comes out; I'm getting him his copy and mine on Kindle ;D
    Try not to worry about the third one...something will come to you~ An unknown sibling always causes a rift~ enJOY your fame!

  23. Thanks, LaughingWolf!

    Lynda, I hope you enjoy it.

    Ella, glad you finally have the copy. Thanks for the vote of confidence!


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