Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jenny Green's Killer Junior Year By: Amy Belasen & Jacob Osborn

Title: Jenny Green's Killer Junior Year

Author(s): Amy Belasen & Jacob Osborn


Amount of Pages: 284

Geared towards: Older teens (14 +)

Summary: Jenny Green's, spoiled teen "princess" and a loyal member of the JAPS (Jewish American Princess), sophmore year has been utterly horrible. Not only does her crush, Mark Leibowitz, ditch his request to ask her to the prom, but instead he took out Veronica Cohen, a fellow junior and her ex-BFF. At the end of the year, all Jenny can say is "Good-bye Long Island, HELLO Canda!"

When she becomes the newest junior at Montreal's Molson Academy, Jenny is surprised to find that she has to sleep with a bunch of hippies, who are, how do we say this, a WHOLE lot different then she is. But, Jenny doesn't care, well she does a little, because she is more interested in what kinds of guys she can find. Jenny is very beautiful, charming, and sharp-witted, and has no trouble getting lots of BFs.

However, when she finds out how horrible the male 49% of the world can be, Jenny is FED UP! She hates the lying, cheating and disrespect and decides to make them pay-with their lives.

Wdebo's Review (I'm deciding to do it a little different, say some general comments about it and then break it up into cons and pros. Also have a letter grade for it-Thank you Lauren for that idea!): First things first, the picture on the cover is pretty awkward, so the whole time I was reading it, I never wanted to lets my parents see it. Come on, she's holding a BUTCHER knife, oh well, it does make a point about the story. The story line was interesting, but it does get into pretty awkward stuff.

Pro: Intersting topic, though I find somethings that the male population does I would not go arouond killing them, that is what jails are for. Jenny was a very cleaver narrator she was very sharp-witted and quick-minded. I can see exactly why she was angry at the men that came into her lives, her story jumped out at me pretty quickly.

Con: Um, cover for one thing, but its not that bad, I just couldn't read it at school, or everyone will be looking at me weird and stuff, I would look at someone weird if they were reading a book like that. There was A LOT of sex in it, I personally don't think that they should have a lot of that in books. It annoyed me a lot when the JAPS came that she didn't tell them to get their behinds out of their house and stop being such idiots to everyone in the house, I thought Jenny was stronger then that!

All and all, I thought it wasn't the best read, but it wasn't the worst read either. Read this as a quck read and PLEASE don't take it too seriously..

Grade: B-


  1. There's been a lot of mixed reviews on this... thankfully you sorta liked it. :)

  2. Yeah, its kind of weird but there are its good points...have you read it yet?



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