Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Calling all Ella Enchanted fans!

Title: Ever

Author: Gail Carson Levine


Amount of Pages: 244

Copyright Year: 2008

Difficulty: Super easy

Reccomended for Ages: 9 and up

Extra Info: The Compulsive Reader also reviewed it!


Olus loves Kezi, Kezi loves Olus...

Olus is the Akkan god of the winds. While Kezi is a beautiful mortal of dance and rug making. Falling in love for both of them is easy, but the circumstances are, how should we say this? A little difficult. Kezi is scheduled to be sacraficed to the god Admat is a month's time. Through this month Olus and Kezi discover love and what it really means to be a hero, and how strong love can be.

Wdebo' Review: I like anybook by Gail Carson Levine, she is a really talented author. Though I have to say Ella Enchanted is by far the best. The story of Kezi and Olus is very simple, and I agree with TCR the love is rushed a bit. First they see each other and all of a sudden they're head over heels in love? Eeh? Is life really like that? Anyways, I did enjoy this book a lot, it is geared towards younger readers, but it was still a good find, like all of her books. If you adored Ella Enchanted I would recommend that you read this book, sure the plot and people and lands are different, but all in all it still has Ella's and Gail's spunk and amazing voice in it. 8/10!


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