Friday, November 21, 2008

Black Box By: Julie Schumacher

Title: Black Box

Author: Julie Schumacher


Amount of Pages: 164

Difficulty: Easy

Reccomended for ages: 13 and up

"How did my sister fall through a hole in her life and into some other life below?
I'm not sure how it happened. Sometimes I still have trouble believing that it happened at all."

Summary: 14 year old Elena's life has been turned upside down after finding out her sister, Dora is suffering from depression. Life is bad when Elena sees Dora in the mental ward at their local hospital. When she gets to school, life becomes even worse where no one will talk to her, except for Jimmy Zenk, a guy who wears black everyday and failed ninth grade. He talks to her like they've been best friends since they were in diapers. But, he is a man with a secret, a really big secret, one that could ruin their friendship, or whatever -ship they have.

Wdebo's Review: There is just something about books with depression, no matter who writes them, there is this sort of power in it. I was drawn into this book, when I first began reading it. I really liked it, I would reccomend all of you to read this book, if you or someone you know has depression, or have anything to do with depression or not. I think everyone should read it, it is such a good book, with such a strong message.

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  1. this book is probably the best book i have ever read. i read it all in one sitting i literally could not put it down. it was so deep and meaningful. plus the sisters in the story reminded me of me and my younger sister. it was a very very well written book and id love to read it again or even see it become a movie. i hope to see a lot more books of this sort from the author. amazing book. a++++!!!!


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