Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Jester By: James Patterson & Andrew Gross

Title: The Jester
Author(s): James Patterson & Andrew Gross
Amount of pages: 452
Geared towards: Adults or at the very least mature teens
Extra Info: Visit James Patterson's offical site HERE

" 'In my experience, such things are better left the stuff of lengends and myths."

Summary: Hugh De Luc is a poor innkeeper who's only desire for survival as he fights through the First crusades is of his beloved wife Sophie. Sophie was his love since he was 10, the daughter of an innkeeper, who's inn he went to every year since he was...10. They later got married and tried to have a baby, though they can't.

When Hugh almost crawls back home after two years of war, he comes home to an empty inn. His wife was captured by a duke in search of an ancient relic that leads all the way back to christ. He also finds out Sophie had a son a year back who was killed by that ruthless duke. Angered, battered, and completly crazed, Hugh throws down everything (literally) and runs towards Treille.

He makes a "pit stop" at another town and the story unfolds from there as he meets the beautiful Emilie who saves him and makes him into a jester so he can infultrate into Treille. And Hugh is very surprised what he finds there.

Wdebo's Review: Wow, everytime I read books like these (Which includes Pillars of the Earth), I am appalled but yet intreged. I wonder how these dukes, who are "protectors" of their people can just do this and GET AWAY WITH IT!!! It just sucked you in and I felt like I couldn't put it down until I finished it.

Pro: It just sucked me into it. I loved it. It was an amazing book with such vivid details and imagry. It made me cheer for Hugh, Sophie and Emilie and made me dispise and boo the dukes. Anyone can write a story about history, dukes, jesters and the daily lives of castles, but very few people can make it INTERSTING like James Patterson and Andrew Gross did in The Jester. I am very glad there was not a huge emphasis on sex, like Pillars of the Earth had.

Con: Sometimes, there is just TOO much imagry, I know it is to make you understand it, but just kind of gross, but I'm saying "take out all these at once!" I am just stating what I feel, but it does give the story depth. But in my opinion there was very very few cons, the beginning was a wee bit boring, but then again, its quite rare to read a GREAT beginning.

All in all, I would reccomend anyone (who can handle these types of books) to read this phenominal book and also to check out Pillars of the Earth!

Grade: A

Wdebo :)

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