Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pearl Pink By: Meca Tanaka (Manga)

Title: Pearl Pink
Author: Meca Tanaka
Amount of Pages: ?? (Diff amount per book)
Geared Towards: Teen (13+)
Extra Info: I'm pretty sure there are four books in this series

Summary (From my old manga spotlight): Tamako Momono has been dreaming about being Kanji Inui's wife since she was three and he was seven, when he promised her that he would marry her when she became strong and brave and not a cry-baby (because her mom had to leave her). Now ten years later, her mom is a famous pop star with a super famous show called "Idol P.I." and must keep her child, Tamako, a secret because her image is based on purness- while she had little Tamako when she was a teenager. Now, Kanji must remember that promise he gave to her and find out just how love can blossom.

Wdebo's Review: I LOVE LOVE this manga! (Currently waiting on the 4th/last book :( Why does it have to end??!!) Like I say for some of my other book reviews, there is something about books that guys write, they just don't have this line that they are not allowed to cross, books written by guys are just more uninhibited then girl books.

Pro: Funny! That's what this manga is based around love and comedy, my two favorite things to read about. The characters are well developed and have their own personalities. (My fav is Hisame, even though he doesn't talk and all he does is eat.)

Tamako Momono (Pictured): The eigth grade heronie, she is living with the Inui family, she is in love with Kanji and is doing whatever she can to become his "Perfect woman." She is an quick and limber as a monkey.
Kanji Inui (Pictured): The eleventh grader that is the object of our heronie's affections. His family owns the Dog Run agency Scout. He is a whiz at finding fresh faces and has an unhealthy obsession over make-up.

Kanta (Pictured): Tamako's cute monkey sidekick.

Raizo Hishikawa: A member of the boy band Rain, which Kanji helped get him into. Raizo has pledged his life to pleasing Raizo (not as weird as it sounds)

Shinju Momono: Tamako's mom and the star of "Idol P.I."

Kinichi Inui: Kanji's perverted yet hillarious father. He is the owner of Dog Run and though he is weird and can be kinda creepy is is a really nice, middle-aged guy.

Grade: A

Wdebo :)

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