Monday, June 8, 2009

How To Buy a Love of Reading By: Tanya Egan Gibson

Title: How to Buy a Love of Reading
Author: Tanya Egan Gibson
Amount of Pages: 389
Publisher: Penguin Group
Publishing Date: May 13, 2009
Geared Towards: Adults (tho talking about teens)
Extra Info: This is an ADULT book but many teens have been reading it (Just to clear it up!)

"There, in Aftermemory, we're forever Hunter at twelve and me at eleven, sitting at the edge of the Sound on the clearest morning ever, high on our brand-new-nothing-ever-like-it friendship"

I'm going to try to review it diffrently, tell me what you think!

Carley Wells is a rich, overweight, word hating teenage girl. When her english teacher, Mr. Nagel, asked her, "What is your favorite book?" She answered with a, "never met one I liked." Earning her anger from Mr. Nagel and her parents deciding to hire her a stay-at-home author who would create a story to her preferance.

Carley has no interest in this idea, for she has something else on her mind-Hunter Cay. Hunter is Fox Glen, her school's, resident golden boy, and also her best friend. Who is always there for her through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hunter's parents are not very happy for they believe that Hunter being with Carley will make him look bad and make the name he made for himself go away. But Hunter has bigger problems (literally) then worrying about how his parents feel about his overweight best friend. After giving up his pill popping habits he digs himself deeply into a drunken hole.

The story is drawn together by other characters like her author, Bree, who can't write about love without making it metaphorical and not having any actual lerve. Also, Justin the egotistical writer (also my fav character) who is in love with Bree.

When I first saw this book I thought it was a catalogue for books or something. And once I read the summary, I was like "ok?" This is going to be one LONG book. When I started it, on the very first page I enjoyed it, thinking "Wow this book is PRETTY good" however once I started it I got bored then hated most of the characters. Once, I read more, like in the middle, and you meet and understood most of the characters I started to fall in love with the book.

The writing was very good, the ending made me cry. The writing was very unheld back, haha that's the only way I can think of describing it. No bonds, very brutal and straight-forward (in a good way).

I am not the biggest fan of this cover, it seems-eh yeah.

All in all, this book might be geared towards adults, but as long as you are a mature teen you can enjoy it, it might take a bit to get into it, but once you do it is such a good book!

Grade: A-

Wdebo :)

Do you guys like this way of reviewing or should I divide it into "Summary" and "Wdebo's Review" again?

9 more days of school and counting...


  1. The cover is a big rough, I agree. And I like it when you separate summary from your personal review. It's quite reader-friendly. Ha ha, I'm a lazy reader. I enjoy reading personal thoughts and perspectives. Actually, even if I stumble on some wonderful book reviews and find those books interesting, I have little access to those books. In Taiwan, English novels are quite rare in stores, except those super bestsellers. Anyway, I still like your new layout.

    The title of this book is intriguing. Yet, it's another engaging book I might have no chance to read. So keep updating your reviews. I'd follow.

  2. Yeah, I understand what you mean, i was just feeling lazy that day :D

    i know, when i went to Taiwan there was just this tiny little section on English books...;( And they were all ubber expensive.

    Thanks for your great comment!!

    Wdebo :)

  3. You know, I rather love this cover. It reminds me of old books, and reminds me of the books I used to devour as a kid. But I'm weird. :)

  4. Oh yeah I remember those covers!! :D


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