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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Choc 7 (超克7)

Choc 7 (超克7) is the band from the Channel V show Mo Fang Bang Bang Tang (In english: Immitating Lollipop).

The members include 李铨, Mao Di (Prince's little bro), Xiao Ma, Ah Ben, Ye Shou, 小禄, Wei Yu, 翰奖 and Ya Gao.

They are your typical taiwanese boy band ok voices, the only reason they are famous is for their looks, but I guess there is this aura around them.

Here is a song by them... What Are you Waiting For?

Another one...Too Young (This is such a cute song!)

Hope you enjoy! And remember to comment!

Wdebo :)


  1. Hmm....Well their looks aren't all that amazin. lol Anyways, the second one was too happy for me. Liked the first one better. They need to work on their harmonizing! :D Good post!

  2. pssh, harmonizing sharmonizing lol jk

  3. I don't really like them. They sing poooooorly.

  4. Oh I know they really need to work on harmonizing


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