Friday, June 8, 2012

LGBT Pride Month (2) Music-Magnet


So, in the first week, I have failed to post one item a week. Eek. This week and next week will be very difficult for me to continue blogging just because it's finals week but afterwards expect a post a day :)

Anywho, I have decided to post a song on Fridays and Saturdays just because there are so many awesome ones that talk about LGBT characters.

So, today I want to spotlight Magnet. A series of songs found throughout Nico Nico and Vocaloids. Here are just a few of my favorite versions of Magnet.

The first version is the original version of Magnet sung by the two vocaloids, Miku and Luka. If you don't know what Vocaloids are click HERE to read my post on it ^^

Other versions I like are are the Clear and Dasoku version which is the first version of Magnet I heard. I still love it and I am crazily in love with Clear's voice. Haha.

And the comedy version of Magnet by Neru and Gero. (I lerve Gero).

The entire theme of Magnet is bound to the idea of  "forbidden love," therefore most of the song pairings are usually between two people of the same sex. However, there are a few songs about heterosexual couples (Usually about incest or giant age gaps).

What do you think about the portrayal of relationships between homosexual couples as constantly being tied in with "forbidden love"? Do you think it emphasizes an idea about our society being heteronormative and that anything that deviates from that is "different" or "forbidden"? Do you think that the constant representation of homosexuality in entertainment mediums like these assists or hinders the gay rights movement?

Tell me your thoughts on the above questions, on these songs, on Vocaloids, etc in the comments below ^^

Wdebo :)

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