Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blog Tour: Love, Capri Style By: Lynn Reynolds

I don't have my review yet, but I will post it as soon as I have finished. And will link to it :3

I have a guest post from author Lynn Reynolds in which she answers two questions/topics I have asked so it's like a guest post/interview hybrid ^^



If you could make up one summer romance for yourself what would it be like?

I think I’d love the sort of summer romance my heroine Amanda experiences in Love Capri Style.

Amanda’s a slightly inept celebrity news reporter who gets sent to the swanky island of Capri to cover a music festival. Since the magazine she works for is paying for her trip she gets to travel in some pretty fancy circles. Then a dashing and handsome British playboy takes an interest in her, so she gets wined and dined at the best restaurants and parties. Amanda gets to travel first class, bask in the Mediterranean sun, have lots of delicious Italian food, and get romanced by a gorgeous rich guy with a British accent. Sounds like the perfect summer romance, which is why I wrote it ;-)

What are some things any aspiring author should know?

First - Don’t worry so much about perfection. Too many people write the perfect first chapter, but never go on from there. It’s more important to get the whole story down on paper – even if parts of the plot are a bit shaky. You can always go back and fix that stuff later; but you can’t do much of anything if you just keep revising the first chapter and don’t move forward.

Second – don’t be in such a hurry to get published. Really. I’d strongly advise taking some time to write several stories before worrying about getting published. Because once you’re published, you have to spend all kinds of time trying to publicize yourself, which means less time for writing. It helps to have a second or even third story all ready to go. That way you can get that into production quickly while you’re still learning all the ropes of how to publicize yourself.

Third – Relax and enjoy yourself. It’s the rare writer who actually becomes rich and famous. So try to focus on telling stories you enjoy. Entertain yourself, rather than trying to write what you think someone else will like!

Fourth – Read. It’s the best training out there for learning how to write!


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  1. Congratulations to Lynn on her new release! Love Capri Style definitely sounds like a fun summer book! Very nice mini-interview and some really great pointers!


  2. Capri Style sounds like the perfect summer read, can just imagine yourself there, it sounds wonderful. You gave some very insightful tips with your mini interview/post.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  3. Thank you for the advice, Lynn! It always inspires me to sit down and write when I read tips like that :-)


  4. Thanks for the blog and the contest... will be trying to get to all of them!


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