Saturday, March 19, 2011

(Hey) Juliet-LMNT

Oh, wow, I haven't blogged in so long =.= So sorry, life has been ubber hectic lately. GAHH three more months till graduation can't wait!!!! Anywho, since it's finally Spring Break for us I'll be able to blog more. I just finished "Runaway" and I have some other books that are waiting to be reviewed and read so YES!! Well, enjoy~

Title: Juliet (Also known as "Hey Juliet"
Artist: LMNT
Language: English
TTS: None

Wdebo's Notes: GAHH! I love this song so much! Haha. I remember being obsessed with this song for the longest time during elementary school. (Or was it middle school...hmmm....Can't remember). Anywho, this was the best lyric video I could find of this song even though it's not very good D: But we'll live :)

Listen and Love!

Hope you enjoyed and please comment!
Wdebo :)

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