Monday, March 21, 2011

Cows Can't Jump By: Dave Reisman

Title: Cows Can't Jump
Author: Dave Reisman
Amount of Pages: ?
Release Date: October 19, 2008
Publisher: Jumping Cow Press
Geared Towards: Children
From: Publisher

Summary (From B.O.B): Is it really true that cows can't jump, gorillas can't swim and sloths can't leap? Yes, but discover what these and other animals can do, as they swing scamper and glide through Cows Can't Jump! In this humerous and inspirational adventure, animals focus on what they do best, comfortably aware they can't do everything, but proud of their own special skills. Vibrantly illustrated, Cows Can't Jump will help young readers learn diverse and dynamic words, while absorbing a subtle yet powerful message that builds self-esteem and teaches respect and humility.

Wdebo's Review: I haven't read a picture book in YEARS, I know hard to believe huh? :) Anyways, this was a cute little story for children. The message was simple yet very good for little kids to understand, that we all have differences, we might not be like others but we all have our own strengths.

I enjoyed the drawings, the animals were all cute. However, I find big-eyed animals to be disturbing at times. I enjoyed the canvas like feel of the drawings and the simplicity of the artwork, the drawing kept to and did not distract from the story. Though there was not a lot of a story, it was mainly just ideas.
There was also a plethora of very good vocabulary words to help ease the children into high level vocabulary.

The only complaint of have is that I agree with Laina's post about the board books, because the reprint is in board book form and I just don't feel that this book needs to be in "board book form." Mainly because board books are mainly for children who chew on books, and with the vocabulary and story level I would not see children who chomp on books to be reading this story any time soon, or maybe they might, if their parents would want to give them a more head start into higher level beginner picture books.

Cafe Cover Chat: It's cute, a confused cow always makes for a good cover. (B)

All in all, a good picture book for children around the ages of two or three that introduces children to important lessons through the usage of cute artwork, interesting ideas and high ended vocabulary.

Grade: (Ungraded, don't really have a "scale" for picture books.)

Wdebo :)

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