Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mindless Self Indulgence

So, my current obsession is MSI. Please don't ask me, I actually have no idea why, I question my sanity everytime I listen to them, but their music is just so damn addicting. I remember the first I listened to their song, I was just like What the hell is this crap? And for some reason even after I turned it off, it was just stuck in my head, and I had to listen to it again and before I knew what was happening I had been sucked into the black hole by the name of MSI.

It's hard to explain Mindless Self Indulgence, must be because there is no "true" label that we can box it nicely in. It just seems to have a little bit of everything thrown in even though at first listen it just seems like a bunch of noise, just screaming, profanity explosions and the random opera falsetto. Even though I personally cannot describe them, I found a wonderfully hillarious yet awesome explanation from Sing 365.
"Once upon a time in galaxy far a place called new york-there were four beings-two girls(kitty & Lyn Z),a boy(Steve),and a ferret(Jimmy)...they got together and decided they wanted to start a band...and thus began the neverending road to pure stupidity. Mindless Self Indulgence is so fucked up it'll make your head spin and then do the hokey pokey!

Mindless Self Indulgence is what you will be called when the music that you make has no chance in hell of getting you laid,or of making you seem cool in the eyes of your p.c. restrained,cookie cutter catagory demanding,humorless peers. It is also a four piece band of co-ed punks from N.Y.C.,whose name manifests itself during their live shows. Their music is a hybrid of Atari driven(the computer not the group),Industrial,New Wave,Soul,Jungle,Hip Hop,and Punk with a venomous splash of Attention Deficit Disorder....aka... "industrialjunglepussypunk"

See & hear Mindless Self Indulgence live. Why? Because they rarely suck live, but when they do, they suck with conviction!"

I actually just got into their music so I can't say much about them. So, if you like or have any comments on MSI feel free to comment below telling me what you feel about them, how you found out about them, favorite band member (I personally love all of them, but I love Jimmy the most ^^ ), favorite song/album, etc etc.


James Euringer AKA (Little) Jimmy Urine [Vocalist and programmer] (The ferret...)
Steve, Righ? [Guitarist] LynZ [Bassist] (Replaced ex bassist Vannessa YT. She is currently married with a daughter to My Chemical Romance's Gerald Way)Kitty [Drummer]

Anywho, now that we have the introductions out of the way. Let's move on to the main attraction *rubs hands together* MUSIC!!

Shut Me Up (Stuck in my head =.= I really like the beginning of the vid :) )

Played (The first MSI song I listened to)

Faggot (The first time I heard this I got a migrane now I can't stop listening to it)

Mark David Chapman (Love Jimmy's voice throughout this entire song. He changes his singing so much, gaahhh. I love it!)

Molly (Addictive)

Wdebo :)

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