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Go Ask Alice By: Anonymous

Title: Go Ask Alice
Author: Anonymous
Amount of Pages: 158
First Published: March 5, 1971
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Geared Towards: Teens/Anti-Drugs
From: Library

"I have two choices; I must either commit suicide or try to rectify my life by helping others. That is the path I must take, for I cannot bring futher disgrace and suffering upon my family" (89).

Summary: Written from the point of view of an unnamed diarist, Go Ask Alice examines the harrowing effects of drugs on a young person's life. How it can rip one away from a comfortable life into one filled with pain, fear, and hurt.

Wdebo's Review: Ok, truthfully, my feelings towards this book are mixed and I'm confused about what I'm truly feeling. lol. For one, I thought the whole plot line of the story was interesting, it really showed just how dangerous drugs can truly have been, but this story was most likely a work of fiction which brings me to one of my main reasons why I disliked the story, I felt like there was a trust between the author and reader that was broken when the story, which claimed to be "the truth" but instead just turned out to be fictionalized by Sparks, yes, I can understand how it could be based on truth but the story was so enlarged that it just felt so fake.

Let's start with the good, shall we? I felt the storyline was very hooking, it was very interesting, to understand just how addicting drugs can truly be and how freightening they really are. It really had some sobering ideas in there, and really made me appreciate my no-drug life. It is a good piece to scare children into not wanting to try drugs or be involved in drugs in any way. A diary form was a good form to bring out the story, for it shows a girl's progression is a way to show the diarist's deepest and darkest feelings.

However, the writing seemed so, fake. From the beginning I was skeptical as to whether this was fact or fiction, I know it shouldn't be that big of a deal, but when someone says it's the truth I want it to be the truth not have it be fictionalized and be pushed upon me stating that it is all nonfiction.

I also disliked the diatrist she was just very very childish, I'm pretty it was trying to make her sound naive but it was quite annoying. However, I sympathized for her when she just kept relapsing, she would get better and then she would fall into a deeper hole then the last until she was locked it, it was truly saddening.

Cafe Cover Chat: The cover I had was probably a 90's cover so it was really meh, the one pictured above is better but still meh. (B)

All in all, it a good book to frighten children and young adults away from drug use but should not be read for any kind of amazing writing skills or anything, it was a quick read, but disappointing for me because I had heard so many good things about it before.

Grade: B-

Wdebo :)


  1. I don't remember seeing anything that said it was fake. Where did you read that? I'm not saying it isn't true, I just hadn't read/heard it before.

  2. Great honest review. It's been on my tbr list for a while now, but I don't think I will read this.

  3. Maya-I was reading through goodreads/Wiki/other googled sites. I don't remember if I stated above (I scheduled this post a while ago) but I don't think it is "fake" per say, but I believe it was stated that Sparks found this diary from this one teenage girl and she expounded upon it so much that it became more fiction than reality.

    But thank you for the comment!

    Nina-Thanks for the comment! Oh, hopefully you can read some other reviews, and decide for certain if you want to pass it up. It might have just have been that I held too high of expectations for it :)

  4. Lovely wonderful review! Thanks for this post!


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