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Between Here and Forever By: Elizabeth Scott

Title: Between Here and Forever
Author: Elizabeth Scott
Amount of Pages: 256
Release Date: May 24, 2011
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Geared Towards: Teens
From: Publisher (ARC)

"I'm not the devoted sister, I'm not the noble, plain girl who sacrifices all for her sister to come back. I want Tess to wake up so she'll go away."

Summary (From B.O.B): Abby long ago accepted that she can't measure up to her beautiful, magnetic sister, Tess, but at least she knows exactly what she is: Second best. Invisible.

Until the accident.

Now Tess is in a coma, and Abby's life is on hold. It may have been hard living with Tess, but it's nothing compared to living without her.

Abby's got a plan to bring Tess back, though, involving the gorgeous and mysterious Eli. But then she learns a shocking secret about Tess. Something that was always right there, but she'd never seen.

Abby is about to find out that truth isn't always what you think it is, and that life holds more than she ever thought it could.

Wdebo's Review: I was first introduced to Elizabeth Scott through her debut novel, Bloom (Which also happened to be the book that got me into PulseIt and later in book blogging. But that's a story for another time....Apparently a lot of the main characters from Bloom appeared in this book, but since I read it so long ago I didn't notice =.=). After reading Bloom I found her to be a very decent author and was excited to see her other works. I later read Living Dead Girl and was basically left breathless by her writing. Anyways, this introduction does have a point, I was so excited when I got a chance to review Between Here and Forever.

The writing was wonderful and enthralling, but there were still a few unsatisfactory points to the story. I enjoyed the plot very much. I haven't had a chance to read many sibling novels especially one that delves into the whole "perfect older sister and plain younger sister" idea. The story line at first seemed very simple, it seemed to just be following one path, but towards the middle it began to split into many different and intricate branches. I'm not quite sure if I enjoyed it or disliked it. At times, I found it was very interesting, I really liked Eli and what he was going through (I seriously just wanted to give him a big hug throughout the whole novel), but at other times it seemed to be just added in because it seemed like there wasn't enough drama. I enjoyed all of the twists and turns, I just hoped some would had been spread out towards the beginning of the novel. I also guessed the ending of the story in the beginning so it kind of took away the OMG factor to it, but it still enjoyed how the novel unfolded to that moment.

As stated above, I loved the writing, Elizabeth Scott's way of writing is very captivating, enjoyable and heartfelt. It is a balance that many authors are unable to capture but Elizabeth Scott does so wonderfully.

I enjoyed many of the characters. Eli was my favorite, of course, because he is awesomeness in human form. I had a love-hate relationship with Abby, in the beginning she was whinny and very hard to like, well for me, maybe it's because I don't have any siblings so I don't understand the whole sibling relationship things, that is why I found her whining and inability to see what was happening in front of her, insufferable. However, after the middle, she did grow up somewhat and I began to like her more. From what I had read about Tess, I didn't feel she was all that amazing, she seemed like a total bitch at times, but I did feel bad for her and stuff....

Cafe Cover Chat: I like the cover, it's pretty. (B)

All in all, a fairly decent book by Elizabeth Scott, not my favorite work by her but it was still enjoyable.

Grade: B+

Wdebo :)

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