Saturday, December 4, 2010

Devil-Vanness Wu ft. The Empire

Title: Devil
Artists: Vanness Wu ft. The Empire
Language: English and a little Chinese (Mandarin)
TTS: HERE (Vanness)

Wdebo's Notes: I have always been a fan of Vanness, mostly because his voice is so wonderful and soothing, which he shows off wonderfully in this song.

Vanness Wu is a very public Christian and so this song shows off his Christian side. Though I am not religious, I still love this song a lot. The beat is very good and as for the lyrics, hm, well, not all of it speaks to me, but the song is still wonderful.

I hope people of all religions can enjoy this song, it does speak of the general belief of fighting the dark, I believe...well...anyways..

Listen and Love!

Hope you enjoy! And please comment!
Wdebo :)

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