Monday, May 31, 2010

Because of You

Title: Because of You
Other Titles: Fairytale Under the Starlight
Chinese Title: 星光下的童話 (Xing Guang Xia De Tong Hua)
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Amount of Episodes: 14
Theme Song: 愛是關鍵 (Love is Critical) By: Lego Li
Closing Song: 因為你 (Because of You) By: Lego Li
Starring: Lego Li as Fang Zi Hao, Barron Chen as Sun Fan, Megan Lai as Tong Tong and Tanaka Chie as Xing Yie Zheng.
Reccomended For: Teenage Viewers

"Why must you hit my dearest 'husband'? Ever since the first punch you gave to Fang Zi Hao, you have become my biggest enemy."

Summary: Sun Fan has always wished that he could become a big star since he was a little kid, now, that he's grown, he's acting in all kinds of shows and commercials, trouble is, he's only the stunt double. Yu You Tong (Tong Tong) has been a die hard Fang Zi Hao fan since she was 17, and has decided that she will save herself for her darling "husband." Zi Hao switches girlfriends like how people switch cloths, for the filming of his new mv, one of the workers accidently uses Zi Hao's ex-girlfriend, Zi Hao is furious and calls for a new filming and a totally new lead. With no one left, everyone has no idea what to do, but they can't not do anything or else they will incur the wrath of Zi Hao.

Sun Fan hears this news and decides to ask his GF Xing Ye Zheng to act as the mv lead. All of his fellow workers caution him, saying any girl that falls into Zi Hao's grip will fall instantly in love with him. Sun Fan does not heed their warnings. As he expected his GF gets the part and he is overjoyed. But when he sees her and Zi Hao in the changing room together, he misunderstands and attacks Zi Hao. Tong Tong just happens to be there, and is infuriated, she takes videos and decides to mobilize the fan base against him. But her plan backfires, instead of hurting him, it makes him into an overnight sensation. Fate brings them together, and soon all four of their lives become entangled in a way none of them thought possible.

Watch Episode 1 English subbed HERE!

Wdebo's Review: In the beginning I was so excited to start watching this drama. Such an all-star cast, you've got Megan Lai (From The Story of Time, Silence, etc), Baron Chen (From Fated to Love You) and finally Legon Li (From Honey and Clover).

In the beginning it was pretty good, a pretty good idea, and I loved Baron's character, I wasn't such a big fan of him when he was Dylan in Fated to Love You, but in Because of You he was just ADORABLE! And of course I love Lego Li because he is so cute, a wonderful singer/songwriter, and he was an amazing actor. And of course Megan is such a great actress, I really liked her in The Story of Time. But after a while, the whole drama just started to infuriate me. There seemed to be something wrong with all of the characters, and I absolutely HATED Xing Ye Zheng, but I really liked Tanaka in Cape No. 7.

Wow, that just seems like there is only bad things in this drama, which isn't true...there are good. I really loved Sun Fan's grandfather he was very funny and cute and so was Sun Fan's father. I was surprised how slowly the love developed, but I was disappointed how fast the love came at the end and also the ending was not the most creative (flashbacks aren't that good of endings). But the story was pretty good...who doesn't want their favorite idol to want to fight for your love, I know that if Show was going to do that, I would be over the moon about it.

All in all, this drama was not horrible, it was just not the best drama I ever watched. I would reccomend this drama to someone who watches a lot of dramas and needs kind of like a filler drama.

Grade: B+

Wdebo :)

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