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Monga (Movie)

I have my final for Chinese School today...wish me luck!! ~

Title: Monga
Language: Chinese (Mandarin + Taiwanese)
Release Date: February 5, 2010
Director: Doze Niu
Cafe Warning: Since this movie is about gangs/the Chinese Mafia there is a lot of violence especially at the end, for those who are watching the english subbed version, there is A LOT of swearing.
Actors: Ethan Ruan (!!) as Monk, Mark Chou as Mosquito, Rhydian Vaughan (Hottie!) as Dragon Lee and Ju-Lung Ma as Boss Geta
Extra Info: Click HERE for the official site (English)

"What is the meaning of all this fighting?
What the f*** is meaning?! I've only heard of brotherhood, never of meaning"
The english subbed trailer...enjoy!

Summary: *Note: Since this movie is Chinese, so the names are translated from the chinese nicknames, that's why they are so weird* Mosquito had been transfered around to so many schools, and then came the day he went to Monga. Even though he didn't know how to fight very well, he was still able to anger the "head" of his class, and he and his gang decided to beat Mosquito up after class. But they weren't able to catch him. While Mosquito was dodging, four friends Monk, Dragon, Monkey and A-Po, saw him and decided to let him into their little "Prince Gang" in which Dragon's father,Geta, was the head of the whole big mafia in their territory.

After all five of them began enjoying their gangster lifestyle, disaster struck. The "head" of Mosquito's class, hurt Dragon's girlfriend, and in retaliation the five friends decided to get a little revenge on him, but instead, they accidently killed him.

Geta is furious, and decides to punish them. After a while he sends them to a training camp for mafia members. While that is happening, Mosquito falls in love with a prostitute and all five of their friendships grow. However, as tensions between all the mafias grow, greed and desire takes over to a giant wave of kills.

Wdebo's Review: Whenever my father goes to California he always buys a lot of Taiwanese movies, usually those really boring, absolutely no romance in it (:O ) kind of movies, that only has a lot of fighting in it. But when he brought Monga back, at first, I was like "ok, that looks like a horrible movie as usual" but when I saw it was Ethan that was acting in it, I had to watch it and I am so glad I did!

This movie starts out as sort of a comedy, it seems to poke fun at Taiwanese gangsters/mafias and the steryotypes that surround them. I for one, found myself randomly laughing out loud at random scenes, especially the scene where Mosquito was fighting with the small gang and he accidently stepped in dog doo doo so he was able to defeat them by waving his dirty shoe around. But after a bit the movie started to get very dark, the scene where they kill the "head" of the class was pretty shiver-making, I mean superglueing someone's facial organs together is pretty disgusting. And then at the end it just became an outright blood bath, which I don't like watching, but I can still stand (except you see someone get their ear chopped off...I mean...eww)

I really liked all of the actors, I think they portrayed all of their roles very well, the acting was muy bueno especially for a Taiwanese movie. I liked the two friends (Monkey and A-Po) the most...they were hillarious.

The ending was just depressing, when you watch it, you'll know what I mean...especially the interaction between Mosquito and the prostitute was very sad making. :(

All in all, an amazing Taiwanese movie...if you can find the english subbed version (or if you know chinese already and don't need it) I would highly reccomend that you watch this movie. I really hope it becomes very popular because it is such a wonderfully done movie.

Grade: A

Wdebo :)

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