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Violet By Design By: Melissa Walker

Title: Violet By Design
Author: Melissa Walker
Amount of Pages: 205
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Release Date: March 4, 2008
Geared Towards: Teens
Extra Info: This is the second book in the Violet Series. (The list of books on bottom)

"'No, Violet' she says. 'This is a brand-new adventure.'"

*(Maybe) Spoiler Alert For Those Who Haven't Read the First Book*

Summary (From B.O.B):

But now I'm having trouble sticking with my decision. After all, if it wasn't for modeling, I might still be the invisible wallflower. Hot guys like Paulo wouldn't be interested in me. And I'd never have seen Brazil or Spain-and now France! On the other hand...

I also wouldn't have to choose between my best friend from home and my agent's shrill demands. Or anguish over my body the way only runway models do. Not to mention all the trouble I'm getting into for speaking out in the press about eating disorders.

Maybe the life of an internatinal model isn't for me. But if I quit for good, I might always wonder...What if?

Wdebo's Review: A wonderful continuation to Violet on the Runway [Click HERE for review], I found it to be better then Violet on the Runway, Melissa Walker's writing has become better with each passing chapter.

I really enjoy the storyline, who knew a model's life could be so...interesting, they usually pass off as having a repetitive lifestyle, wake up, have a hangover, walk on a runway, party, purge, repeat, but this book was much more then that, it shows Violet's feelings the conflicts running through her head, as she wonders if she should hold to her values and lose her job or don't hold her values and let down all the girls that look up to her, who knew being a model could be so complicated?

There is still one thing that annoys me a lot about Violet, is her ravenous desire to become popular (first it was in high school, now it in the modeling business), she would ditch poor Roger just to run to her agent and suffer through more torment.

Now that we are on the subject of Roger, he is still my favorite character in this series. He is so cute and sweet, except he's with annoying Chloe. Ew.

Cafe Cover Chat: Hm, the cover is set up pretty cool, except I really don't like the outfit the poka dots are kinda weird. (B)

All in all, for those who enjoyed Violet on the Runway, will defidently enjoy Violet By Design, and leave you waiting for more.

Grade: B+

Wdebo :)


Books in Violet Series:

1. Violet on the Runway [Click HERE for review]
2. Violet By Design [This one!]
3. Violet In Private [Click HERE for review]


  1. I don't like the outfit on the cover either. But I guess they did the polka dots because they wanted it to be eye catching.

    Thanks for the review! It sounds like Violet is working some things out.

  2. Hey. Do you know what page this quote is on?:

    "'No, Violet' she says. 'This is a brand-new adventure.'"

    PLEASE WRITE BACK ASAP!! (late homework...)


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