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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little Black Lies By: Tish Cohen

Title: Little Black Lies
Author: Tish Cohen
Amount of Pages: 320
Publisher: EgmountUSA
Release Date: October 13, 2009
Geared Towards: Teens
Thanks to Goodman Media for sending me an ARC~

"(What Carling Burnack Gets=What Carling Burnack Wants)2"

Summary (From B.O.B):

Boston's most elite high school is a high-wire act
and Sara Black is losing her balance

Sara Black might as well be wearing a scarlet letter on her school uniform when she walks into Anton High for the first time. Anton is no ordinary public school-you can't even get in after freshman year (unless, like Sara, your dad is the janitor). But when nobody knows your past, you can become a whole new person.

For Sara, being new is the perfect escape from everything she's avoiding-like the fact that her mother has run off with her science teacher, and that her father's OCD is only barely under control. People think that she's from London, England, instead of Lundon, Massachusetts. But when one of the most popular girls at Anton starts looking into Sara's past, her little lies could come back to haunt her...

Wdebo's Review: Little Black Lies may seem at first like one of those cliche know the kind where the girl changes herself to fit in with the "popular" girls who are total meanies. But there was something deeper then that, though it was cliche (I won't deny it) but there is just this heart in it.

The writing was way awesome...I really don't know how to explain it but I really love Tish Cohen's way of much as I enjoyed this story...I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if the writing was about something more "mature," her writing seems more suited for that, but her writing about mean girls is pretty good too...just very cliche.

Sara was a very good character...very smart (which is a nice change from dense characters in these kinds of novels), the only thing that bothered me a lot about her, was of course, her need to go along with the popular and all those was so obvious that it would end badly. Even though it also ended very clichely.

I also really like Charlie, he was very sweet...but just way too gullible...he seems like such a great dad...its sad that Sara kept lying about him.

Cafe Cover Chat: I really love the cover...all the poses are great...and of course...the hippe VW bug...awesome possum :) (A-)

All in all, this was a great story, that is a nice easy read...but also sticks in some information that made me feel smart while reading kinda like reading a chick lit ya version of Da Vinche Code minus the whole running around Europe for clues and just staying put in a private school for smart kids.

Grade : A-

Wdebo :)

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