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Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm Not Worthy - Jay Chou

-Eng Subbed-

I love this song!! But it's sad.

I'm pretty sure the actress is Alice Tzeng (Not sure what her last name is) but I'm pretty sure she was also the main actress in Jay's Secret movie. She looked pretty ugh in the movie...but she's so pretty in this mv. AND I think she was also in Show's Gao Xiao MV [Click HERE for the vid-unsubbed, sorry] She's so lucky!! Show AND Jay??!! But she is an awesome actress :)

In the end, the words on the side say..."If only you weren't Jay Chou how great would that be?"

E N J O Y...

Hope you enjoy! And please comment!!

Wdebo :)


  1. Hehe yep. There are major pros and cons for being a superstar apparently.

  2. My sister is in love with Jay Chou she won't even shut up about him. Recently she told me how one of his sisters got married or something or maybe it's some other guy. I don't think so though hehe

  3. Haha I guess my friends should be glad that I'm not obsessed with Jay (I ocassionally listen to his songs tho), but they are totally annoyed how in love with Show I am tho :)


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