Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday's Taiwanese Superstar!! Xiao Gui!!

OK, since I did Xiao Zhu last week, I have to do his partner in crime, Xiao Gui!!

Since I didn't do this for Xiao Zhu, I think i should start for Xiao Gui (Means little ghost)!
Here is some info on Xiao Gui...

Real name: Huang Hong Sheng
Also Goes By: Xiao Gui (duh) and Alien
Chinese Zodiac: Pig (Ironic, bcause his co host is Little Pig lol)
Some TV Shows he's in: Corner With Love (Which stars Xiao Zhu) and Summer X Summer (My review for that is coming out, wait for it!)

He's also a singer and used to be in the band Cosmo.

Here is him singing his song Gui Hun (The girl that sings it again is Fen Fen)


XZ: After watching it record it and put it on the internet (thats what hapened lol) This song what is it called?
Audience plus Cai Yi Zhen (From Summer X Summer): Gui Hun
XZ: Welcome, the World's asian men idol's best guy Huang Hong Seng (AKA Xiao Gui)
*Xiao Gui begins to sing-dont u love the little cartoon ghost next to his name so cute! He looks so nervous! I love the random rars! Lol, and the golden words near the end says "The Tempo is a little weird" cuz he was off tempo was he was singing the Hey!*
*Screen blacks out*
*Then Fan Fan begins to sing-I love her voice! :D*
XG: Ai o! You sang it so well!
FanFan: Really?
XG: Yep!
XZ: This was the first time I heard someone singing better then the original.
FanFan: Of course not! Of course not! *hugs XG*
*thought bubble* Wants to Cry

Oh my god, I just love that song!!

Here is him and Genie (Another amazing singer) singing Melody of Love-eng subbed! (Best song ever, tho the beginning kinda scares me :P)

Finally, here is him and Xiao Zhu getting scared of a Tickle-Me-Elmo (The guy who gets tickled is the "big version of elmo", and they are scared b/c Elmo suddenly stands up by himself, and they are wondering if he will kill ppl like "Chuckie"-And they wonder if they take out the batteries and if it will still move)

Then at the end the have Rock Paper Scissors to see who has to take off their hats, because both of them don't have their hair gelled.

Is anyone even reading these posts? If you are please comment and tell me if you think I should add anything! :D

Wdebo :)


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