Saturday, December 17, 2011


Title: Alright
Language: English
TTS: None

Wdebo's Notes: I love this song. It is just so happy, actually I just like songs like this, the whole let's-look-at-the-world-from-an-optomistic-point-of-view music. However, the irony of how Shiloh's life has fallen into the gutter is wafting over the song (which gives it a sad tone to me) but it is still a great song. It is a shame she didn't become more famous. Shiloh has a great voice and presents great messages in her songs.

Wdebo :)

P.S. I'm back! Well for a few weeks only though.....(I only brought three books with me *Cries* but I do however have a lot of read mangas/watched animes so I'll review those instead :3 )

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