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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Juliet Club By: Suzanne Harper

" 'It doesn't really matter, does it?' he replied. 'After all, we're not lost.'
She leaned over to look into his fce, her eyebrows raised. 'Actually,' she said, 'we are.'
'Speak for yourself.' He smiled up at her. 'I'm just where I want to be.'"

Title: The Juliet Club

Author: Suzane Harper


Amount of Pages: 402

Difficulty: I'm sure everyone can guess it-easy

Reccomended for: 13 and up

Summary: After getting dumped for the school's most beautiful girl, Kate Sanderson, decides to stay off boys, even when she wins the chance to go to Italy to study Shakespeare! She goes there with her Shakespearean Proffesor of a dad and stays there for four weeks. Going shopping, eating and sight/people sighting. But, with no interest in guys whatsoever, even the unnaturally cute Giacomo, with that tousled hair and dark eyes...
Wdebo's Review: Like all of the books I've read I knew what was going to happen after reading the side flap and the first chapter. But don't get me wrong, I thought this book was really good. It was hillarious, sweet and cliche. I thouroughly enjoy how her friends bet on her love life in Italy, very funny. The characters were memorable, just one of those classic love stories! :P I guess you can say, if you want love, just study Shakespeare! 8/10!

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