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Monday, September 22, 2008

Rumors: A Luxe Novel By: Anna Godbersen

"True Love
False Friends
Scandalous Gossip,
Welcome Back to Manhattan, 1899"
Title: Rumors

Author: Anna Godbersen

Sequal to: The Luxe (click link to read my review)


Amount of Pages: 423

WARNING: Spoiler Alert for those who havent read the first book. WARNING

Summary: The second book in the Luxe trilogy. With Elizabeth "dead", Penelope thinks she can finally have a chance for Henry to marry her. With all those evil deeds she did she can finally have what she wants and has worked for, for ever. However, marrying Penelope is not on Henry's To-Do List, his heart belongs to Dina now, and all both of them want to do is to get married together. While on the other side, Lina is working hard to get to become the social queen she needs to be to capture Will's heart, little does she know the "dead" Elizabeth and Will are now in California together, happily sitting together. With the help of Tristen, will Lina become the women she wants or will her secret be blabbed out, so she will be ruined forever? Will all the couples come out victorious or will one lover fall down dead (for reals).

Wdebo Review: Oh wow, most sequals are pretty bad, like they just add random things to an already complete story, and that just makes you sigh and silently scream, "why did they do something so stupid??!!!" This was NOT one of those books. I enoyed it a lot, just like I enjoyed The Luxe. I like it as much as I like Scott Westerfield's Uglies Trilogy (though technically not a "trilogy", because of Extras, but then again Uglies/Pretties/Specials was all about Tally the other was about Aya). Anyways, I can't wait for the next book, Envy (Wait for my review!) to come out, because of the cliffhanger at the end (super sad ending :( ), gosh I HATE cliffhangers! 9/10!

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