Monday, June 20, 2016

Book Review: Kill the Boy Band By: Goldy Moldavsky

"And I may have only been a teenager, but I knew a truth that he had obviously never grasped: The joy you find as a teen, however frivolous and dumb, is pure, and meaningful. It doesn't matter that it might ferment and taste different when you're older. That's the whole point of being a teenager-not worrying about the future" 

Book Title: Kill the Boy Band
Author: Goldy Moldavsky
Amount of Pages: 312
Publisher: Point
Release Date: February 23, 2016
Geared Towards: Teens
From: Library

Summary (From Front Flap): Just know from the start that it wasn't supposed to go like this. All we wanted was to get near them. That's why we got a room in the hotel where they were staying. 

We were not planning to kidnap one of them. Especially not the most useless one. But we had him-his room key, his cel phone, and his secrets. 

We were not planning on what happened next.

We swear. 

Wdebo's Review: I am not embarrassed to say that I have been apart of many fandoms, from my South Park days to Supernatural and etc. However, I can say that I have never been a teenager obsessively in love with a boy band before so I was interested in reading the novel. Though it was entertaining at parts, my feelings for this book are pretty scattered.

The writing of the story fluctuated. I would be reading it and enjoy the pacing as well as its satirical, dark humor but then it would suddenly switch gears and I would feel like I was reading a really bad One Direction knockoff fanfic. I wish the author could have continued with that humorous tone throughout the whole novel and not throw in some of the unnecessary fluff and filler that wriggled its way in. At one point I would be enjoying the story and then I would suddenly be cringing hardcore and really want to put down the book. Additionally, some of the dialogue was just ehh. Reading the book made me feel like my Tumblr dashboard was narrating a story to me with the jargon used as well as bringing up of some hot-button Tumblr notes. Though it was pretty spotty for me, the novel as a whole was pretty enjoyable. It has a more gritty humor completely opposite of the sweet vibe given off by Fangirl (if fans of that book were wondering whether or not to pick this one up because of the similar topic).

A big portion of the novel was the characters. The characters helped move the plot along with their antics. There is a belief that many boy band fangirls are wildly obsessed with them and this story plays off that stereotype. All of the characters have their own quirks that lead them to not choosing the best path to go down. I wasn't too interested in Sloane, the protagonist, but was fascinated by Erin's portion of the story. When we find out what happened to her, I was hoping the story would bring it in something deeper and incorporate it into a more intricate story.

Cafe Cover Chit Chat: I have always been a sucker for a pink and black color balance and even with just words the cover just stands out (A-) 

All in all, the novel imagines just what would happen if "crazy fangirls" were to meet their idols and find out they were not as magical as they appeared. Though there were parts of the book that were just off and did not resonate with me, it was still a fun and awkwardly bumpy ride.

Grade: B-

Wdebo :)

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