Thursday, January 5, 2012

Random Entertainment Clips (30): Nico Nico Singers

Since I talked about Vocaloids last week, I thought I should do another post, this time about Nico Nico Singers. NicoNico is short for Nico Nico Douga, they are a video sharing site in Japan. (And now there is also a Taiwanese version of Nico Nico ;) ) They are doujin singers (fan singers) who cover a lot of Vocaloid songs.

I first got into Nico Nico after discovering Clear. I am still absolutely head-over-heels in love with his voice and his songs, gah I could listen to him all day *Heart* Anywho, eventually I started getting into Nico Nico Choruses which are usually solo versions of a cover of a song put together by a fan, but sometimes they do form actually choruses.

Without further ado here are a few favorites of mine...Enjoy!

Hope by Hanatan
Vocaloid Version: Hope By: Miku
This is just so amazing. Hanatan is amazing. I absolutely adore her voice. The chorus just gave me a crazy amount of goosebumps.

Scissorhands by Panyo
Vocaloid: Scissorhands By: Miku
Really like Panyo's voice, even though I personally like Clear's version more but this one is so good too.

Magnet by Clear ft. Dasoku
Vocaloid: There are so many versions out there, but the "original" (I believe) is Magnet By: Luka ft. Miku
As stated above I am a huge Clear fan, this song is one of the main reasons why. I first discovered Clear through Magnet, yep yep, I love how Dasoku and his voice blend together.

Spice! by Nico Nico Chorus [Guys]
Vocaloid: Spice! By: Len
Total nosebleed song right here ^^ They just sound so amazing together and I really like it when Len's voice blends in even though he sounds like a total girl.

Just Be Friends by: Nico Nico Chorus
Vocaloid: Just Be Friends By: Luka
I first listened to the Clear version then I listened to the Luka version, finally I listened to the Nico Nico version. Though the beginning of the Chorus version of JBF is kind of shaky the chorus part is absolutely wonderful, it sounds like they are actually singing together.

Wdebo :)


  1. Lots more I have never heard about, but no wonder there, anime and manga I knew before, music, not

  2. Hehe. Always happy to show people new things :)


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