Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Waiting On Wednesday (10)

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Today's book is...

Dead Is a Battlefield By: Marlene Perez
Summary (From Goodreads): Jessica Walsh is starting her freshman year at Nightshade High and trying to forget about the tragic events surrounding her brother’s graduation. She wants to have a normal high school experience. But that’s easier said than done in Nightshade.

When a new boy shows up at school, the girls are infected with a case of seriously creepy crushes. But when their obsession turns to violence, Jessica and her friends start to wonder if there’s more going on than just a little friendly rivalry. Are the smitten girls turning into love zombies?

And Jessica has other worries—like her crush on Dominic Gray, the cute but moody new singer for Side Effects May Vary, and the mysterious tattoo that appeared on her arm one day and lets her know whenever there is trouble brewing. Jessica learns she's a Virago, a woman warrior chosen to fight evil whenever it threatens her hometown. But does a lowly freshman really have what it takes to keep Nightshade safe?

Why I Want To Read: It sounds cute and I've been craving zombie books for a while especially since all I've been able to read in Honors College are books like The Odyssey and The Aeneid. Yeah, I'd rather read cheesy YA zombie books any day. And might I add that I love the cover. Such a captivating shade of green right there :)

Release Date: March 2012

So, what are you waiting for?

Wdebo :)


  1. Captivating shade of green. Huh. Well that wasn't the main reason why this was also on my tbr pile, but I will add that to it xD

  2. I wrote that line just for you ;)


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