Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nobody-Wonder Girls

-English Subbed-

Happy Halloween my awesome blog readers!!

So, this song is so addictive...just like Sorry Sorry, even though I don't really like Wonder Girls, the people...I really love this just gets stuck in your head...and the mv is pretty funny too :)

Hope you enjoy! And please comment!

Wdebo :)


  1. Have you heard the English version? I don't like it D: But this one is a good one, though I'm not a fan of WG anymore lol.

  2. I listened to the English sounds weird...this song is just a very harmonic listening to the english version with just one person singing is kinda weird. lol

  3. Yeah. I don't like them either, but this song is jus so catchy! ^.^

    Can't get it outta my

  4. I know...I always just randomly catch myself signing it lol XD


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