Saturday, December 18, 2010

Remains of the Day-Corpse Bride

Title: Remains of the Day
From: Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
Language: English

Wdebo's Review: I basically am I humongous Tim Burton fan, so this MV post is for my second favorite Tim Burton movie (First being The Nightmare Before Christmas, of course). This song is awesome and I was reading the comments for the vid and I have to say I totally agree with one of the comments, "if death is like this, I can't wait to die!!!!!"

Listen and Love!

Click HERE for the actual vid...

Hope you enjoy! And please comment!
Wdebo :)


  1. awesome movie, ive watched so many times! in love with johnny depps voice :) do you like edward scissorhands too?

    1. Yay! Same here! I love Johnny's voice also :) Yes! I love that movie so much!!


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