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Friday, July 31, 2009

What Legends Are Made Of By: Heather Beck

Title: What Legends Are Made Of
Author: Heather beck
Amount of Pages: 140
Publisher: Romance Divine
Publishing Year: 2008
Extra Info: Also available in paperback!

Summary: [From Author Website] Travel to Sir Tristen's Estate, where ghosts roam freeely and enter into your dreams at night. Step aboard to Blue Oceana, a ship that will lead you to the World's last merman. Get a ticket to Frank's Freak Show to discover the truly disturbing main attraction. Finally, enter the doors of Kary and Max Shield's costume and Magic Shop. It's a shop whose merchandise is a bit too real.
These tales will leave you spellbound and yearning for more. Are you ready to find out what real legends are made of?
Wdebo's Review: This was the very first ebook I read [Not counting the Midnight Sun ebook copy b/c it was only 4 pages and I got bored after that] and I just figured out how much a hate reading on the computer, but apart from that this book was just WONDERFUL.
It totally tickles your scary/paranormal story itch. I really like short stories, there is something new and fresh and everyone. The stories were interesting, and well developed, for a story that only had around 30 to 40 pages to, well, develop. I loved all her ideas, they were so great to read!
The only thing that I didn't like was in the first one, it was a good story, and the ending was a surprise, but the writing felt awkward and the dialogue, too added in, sometimes it just didn't flow, but after that all the other stories were really great!
The story I couldn't wait to read was Freaky Frank, I always wanted to go to a Freak Show, but I was always too chicken to. It was really great and didn't disapoint.
When I was reading, I just couldn't help but wonder, does Heather's dream man have blue eyes, because that was the color eyes in at least one guy of each story. But, I guess my dream guy has blue eyes too, so I can't say anything :)
All in all, an awesome story for readers of the supernatural kind, or anyone else who just craves a good short story.
Grade: A-
Wdebo :)

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