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Wicked Woods By: Kailin Gow

Title: Wicked Woods
Author: Kailin Gow
Amount of Pages: 250
Release Date: November 29, 2010
Publisher: The Edge
Geared Towards: Teens/Paranormal Romance Lovers
From: Author (Review Copy)
Extra Info: First book in the Wicked Woods series (List on bottom)

"She was in a town full of vampires, about to be trained up into a vampire slayer by her great aunt, and have already convinced the rest of her school that she was a freak. Normal, Briony suspected, was no longer an option" (P. 45).

Summary (From B.O.B): Briony had to move to Wicked Woods, Massachusetts to live with her Great Aunt Sophie after her family disappears on vacation. The woods at the edge of Aunt Sophie's inn is filled with secrets and inhabitants both seductive and deadly. Among them is a beautfiul boy named Fallon who saves her one night in the woods. As Briony gets closer to Fallon, she learns he has a secret, as do most of the residents of Wicked Woods.

Wdebo's Review: I started this book because I read Bitter Frost [Click HERE for my review] and quite enjoyed it. When I first started, the beginning was slow and as the novel continued the writing became stronger and the storyline was interesting and flowed well. I like the idea of the whole vampire hunting group, I would totally want to join, even though I'm pretty sure I would get my ass kicked, or get bitten, or die before I even fight for like five minutes.

I liked the twists that Kailin would put into the story, the writing would continue and continue then there would be something that changes the course of the story. It kept the novel fresh and left no room for it to be dull.

However, there were a few things that bothered me about the novel. There were incorrect usages of certain phrases and the writing also bluntly states really obvious things, which I guess can be seen as a good and bad thing. Bad because, it just makes the reader want to go, "Yeah, obviously" but also a good thing because sometimes even the most obvious matters are hard to get, for me too sometimes, I'll be reading and suddenly think, wait, is this what the author was trying to say? And with this pointing-out, I am able to know that yes, indeed this is what I am suppose to think. Finally, I also don't like how many of the main characters are described as "perfect" on the outside. I guess that was one of main reasons I wasn't too fond of Briony, she sees people for their looks first, that is how she judges them, and is quite superficial, though it does seem like she matures over the course of the novel.

On the other hand, I do like the male characters. The hostility between the two brothers yet how they want to protect each other is a nice touch to the story ^^ I also enjoyed the whole writing about the relationships between the various groups, humans, werewolves and vampires, it was very well defined.

Cafe Cover Chat: I think the cover is ok...interesting, kind of spooky. (B-)

All in all, a great paranormal romance story for vampire and werewolf lovers.

Grade: B-

Wdebo :)


Books in the Wicked Woods series:

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2) Shimmer [Review soon]
3) Silver
4) Silence
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  1. Never heard of this before. Glad there are no dull moments in the book. That girl doesn't sound like the best rolemodel. ;) Great review.


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