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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wdebo Has Finally Discovered....FAN FICTION!!

So, I've been MIA for my blog and have been very slow reviewing and stuff (because I've been a very slow reader :( ) Why is this? Well, apart from school, Chinese school, piano and senior year crap (AKA College), I have discovered a new obsession...yes...and at least this time it is American...I call it....
South Park is now officially one of my favorite shows ever. I used to think that it was a show for mindless inapporpriate-ness, but I now know that South Park is genius and, well, amazing.

So, the good thing about becoming in love with something American, it gives me a bigger chance to "fan out" (Unlike loving Taiwanese stuff =[ ) But so I have now discovered the beauty of Fan Fiction and well...I love it!

Well, where is this post going, you might add? Apart from me having a vent to show my obsession (hehe), well I just wanted to let everyone know of the South Park fan fiction that I have decided to write. Basically it has a lot of romance in it (As many of you know, I am a TDrama lover, so what we TDrama lovers know is the more love, cliche, fluff, the better).

HERE it is!! (Enjoy =D )
Wdebo :)


  1. Hmmm, I do read fanfiction, but I've never read any South Park fanfics haha
    I haven't watched South Park in forever, what I did watch I found hilarious though :D

  2. I love fanfiction! I spend most of time on Harry Potter stuff. - Bea

  3. on behalf of my sister I'd love to welcome you to the i heart south park club.

    for me I saw this one episode with paris hilton too gross to mention the details but needless to say I am a extremely reluctant fan


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